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Paratrooper Ranville Cemetery, Normandy, Last Post

A-Z of Normandy Veterans

Click on the links below to view the obituary pages, for each nationality, of Veterans who served in, over, or along the coast of Normandy, France, during the Second World War
and have passed away since the end of the Second World War

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Australian Normandy Veteran

Memorial page to 39
Canadian Normandy Veterans

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French Normandy Veterans

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Polish Normandy Veterans

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British Normandy Veterans

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Dutch Normandy Veteran

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American Normandy Veterans

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If you can provide links to any published obituaries for any Normandy Veteran,
please add the details to the comments box on each of the respective national memorial pages above.

Thank You

Links to Veteran Obituaries (total in brackets) provided by:

Cross of Sacrifice Bayeux 600px1. Carl Shilleto (300+)  2. Irena Zientek (70)
3. Louise Doucette Johnson (1) 4. Bern & Fay Robins (1)
5. Stuart Robertson (1)  6. Stéphanie Pépin (1)
7. Carol Schultz Ventoi (1)  8. Rosanne DeTommaso Romano (1)
9. Nottingham PRA (1) 10. Fernand Simon (1)
Michael Leadbitter (2) 12. Marie Inman-Lewis (1)
13. Richard Bass (1) 14. Joe Conway (1)
15. Gary Brunsman (1) 16. Paul Reed (1)
17. Battlefield Tours (2) 17. Terry Burton (1)
18. Tenno Dogger & Carole Duval, Assn. ‘Deep Respect’(3)
19. Paul Cheall (1) 20. Lauren-Leigh Owens (22)
21. Lori D. Mitchell Boyd (1) 22. Anne Tisdell (1)
23. Marc Laurenceau  (1) 23. Karen C. Dash (1) 24. Jocelyn McCormack (1)

Thanks also to Andrew Grant (York St John University)
for his design and graphic work producing the various nationality flags used on this site

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27 Responses to “Normandy Veteran Obituaries: Last Post Memorial Pages”

  1. Thomas W. Watson from Franklin PA, USA, landed in the fifth wave at Omaha Beach on his 21st birthday, June 6th 1944. He passed away on 4 September 2003. He was wounded in Mortain, France and while recovering in a Manchester hospital he learnt of the death of his brother Jim, whose grave we have adopted at Margraten US Military Cemetery, The Netherlands. The Watsons and Weijenbergs have become friends for life. Below the link to his obituary.

  2. God Bless you Jim Smith, Thank you for all your years of love and support. Thank you for our freedoms and what you did as a 19 year old on Gold Beach on D-Day .

  3. Thank you all so much for all your sacrifices to free Europe from the Nazi tyranny. We honour you and respect you so much. We look forward to attending the 70th Anniversary in 2014 to say thank you and pay our respects.


    1Lt William J. Brunsman, 82nd PIR 505th, 3rd Battalion I Company
    He served in World War II, from April 1941 to August of 1945 in Panama, Africa, and Europe. He fought in five Theaters of Campaign: Sicily, Naples Foggia, Normandy, Ardennes, and Rhineland. He was also awarded the Silver Star for Gallantry in action, Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster and Presidential Unit Citation with Oak Leaf Cluster, four Jump Stars and one Bronze Arrowhead on his European Theater Ribbon. He went across North Africa and jumped into Sicily, Salerno, and Normandy. His unit jumped at about 2 a.m. on D-Day and liberated the first town in France, St. Mere Englise. While fighting through the hedgerows, his leg was badly wounded. After recovering he made his 4th jump at the Nijmegen Bridge in Holland. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge, where he was wounded in the foot while taking out German Pillboxes and was awarded the Silver Star.

  5. Company D 2nd Ranger BN

    • Thank you Joe Conway for the additional obituary notice for Wilbur ‘Bill’ K. Hoffman. I’ve added this next to the previous obituary notice that I posted on this page and on facebook on the 28th January 2013.

  6. Pool, Edward. Aged 90. 7th Parachute Battalion, Army Air Corps, British Army.

  7. We are in contact with several vets in the US and the UK . It will be an honor for us when you notice the passing away of 2 vets with whom we were in contact.
    David A. Nelson of the 5th FA Bn, 1st US Inf. Div. passed away in 2011
    Norman Whitman of the US Navy passed away in 2009
    We’ll send you later other names.
    Thanks in advance,
    Tenno Dogger and Carole Duval, Ass.”Deep Respect” ,Omaha Beach.

    • Thank you Tenno Dogger and Carole Duval for your post.
      It will be a privilage to include the names of the two Veterans you have kindly passed on, and indeed any future names you may provide…
      May I also request the links to their online obituary notices, and/or any other relevent online posts, articles etc… I will then add their names and these links to the Memorial Page at the earliest opportunity.
      Thank you again for taking the time to pass on this information it is greatly appreciated.
      Best wishes

  8. Maczek, Stanislaw. Aged 102. 1st Polish Armoured Division, Polish Army. 1994.

  9. Walczak, Tadeusz. Aged 78. 1st Polish Armoured Division, Polish Army. August 2003.

  10. It is an honor to have my beloved father’s name Dominick DeTommaso on this page of honor. My daddy was a WWII veteran, D-day and the Battle of the Bulge. He came in on the first wave on Utah Beach. He will always be my great hero, warrior and crusader and my love for him is endless and timeless.

  11. I would like to add my beloved father’s name to the beloved heroes of Normandy under the American section. Please add the following: DeTommaso, Dominick, Age 86, 294th Combat Engineers, United States Army, 2009

    • Thank you Rosanne for your post. Your’s father’s name has now been added to this memorial page. RIP.
      If you are able to supply a link to an online obituary or article about your father, I will link his name, on this memorial page, to this. Carl

  12. Arthur Dutch Schultz, 82nd Airborne Obiturary

    • Thank you Carol for your post and link. Your’s father’s name and link to his obituary notice has now been added to this memorial page. RIP. Carl

  13. Obit for James “Jake” McNiece –

  14. Hi Carl , as promised here is the obit for Jake McNiece who died yesterday, 21st Jan 2013 –

  15. My dad passed away on 14 November, 2001. How can I add his death notice in here? He approached Omaha Beach on the LCI-92 that never made it in. He was with the 293rdJASCO, part if the Army’s 6th Special Battalion. His name was CPL Ernest P. Doucette from Reading, MA
    Thank you!

    • Hello Louise, yes, of course we can add your father’s name and details on this page. Do you have either an online memorial page, or an online obituary notice that we can link to from his name? With best wishes. Carl.

      • Thank you Louise for your email and the links. Your’s father’s name and link to his obituary notice has now been added to this memorial page. RIP. Carl

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