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Total Normandy Veterans commemorated
on the British Army obituary memorial page:69

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Addington, Major Tom. Aged 92. 11th Armoured Division. British Army. 2011.20

Alford, Tom. Aged 94. 2nd Battalion Welsh Guards, Guards Armoured Division, British Army. 2007.1

Allsopp, Bombardier Leslie. Aged 89. 53rd (Worcestershire Yeomanry) Airlanding Light Regiment, Royal Artillery, 6th Airborne Division. British Army. Jan 2013.9 (autobiography 1)1 (biography)1

Balfour-Paul, Ian. Aged 94. Patrol Commander General Headquarters Liaison Regiment (GHQLR). British Army. 2010.20

Bell, Major William. Aged 93. Gloucestershire Regiment, British Army. Sep 2013.1

Biggar, Andrew. Aged 97. 51st Highland Division, British Army. 2012.1

Bishton (FRPS), Edward L. Aged 89. Royal Engineers, British Army, Attached Special Air Service after D-Day. Aug 2013.1

Blair, Lieutentant General Sir Chandos. Aged 91. 2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders, 51st Highland Division; Prisoner-of-War; 7th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders, 15th Scottish Division, British Army. 2011.20

Boyce (Distinguished Conduct Medal), Sergeant Charles Bernard ‘Charlie’ ‘Tiny’. Aged 95. 53rd Reconnaissance Regiment, British Army. 2010.20

Buchanan-Jardine (Baronet), Major Sir Rupert. Aged 87. 2nd Household Cavalry Regiment, British Army. 2010.20

Cêtre (Military Cross), Lieutenant Colonel Fernand Octavo ‘Joe’. Aged 94. B Company, 1st Battalion East Lancashire Regiment, British Army. 2011.20

Cheall, Bill. Aged 82. 6th Battalion, Green Howards, British Army. 1999. (Autobiography)19

Cooper (née Marshall), Margot. Aged 92. 1st Continental Group Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS), attached to HQ 21st Army, British Army. 2010.2 (ATS website)1

Darell (8th Baronet, Military Cross), Brigadier Sir Jeffrey. Aged 93. Coldstream Guards, British Army. Feb 2013.20

Dodd (Military Cross), Captain Tony. Aged 89. Staffodshire Yeomanry, Royal Armoured Corps, British Army. 2011.20

Dods, Major John (Military Cross). 224 Filed Company, Royal Engineers, British Army. 2011.20

Edwards, Staff Sergeant Donald David. Aged 89. 545th Tank Transporter Company, Royal Army Service Corps, British Army. Mar 2013.2

Ekins, Joseph William ‘Joe’. Aged 88. 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry, British Army. 2012.20

Fachiri (Military Cross), Captain Robert ‘Bobby’. Aged 92. 5th Battalion King’s (Liverpool) Regiment (served as part of T-Force Commando unit [Target Force]), British Army. 2012.20

Fane, Colonel Julian (Military Cross and Bar and Croix de Guerre).  GHQ Liaison Regiment (Phantom) and 2nd Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment, British Army. Aged 92. Aug 2013.1

Forman, Warrant Officer Stanley. Aged 91. 147th (Essex Yeomanry) Regiment, Royal Artillery, British Army. Feb 2013.1 (Essex Yeomanry Association)1

Frazer (Order of the British Empire), General Sir David. Aged 91. 2nd Battalion, Guards Armoured Division, British Army. Historian. 2012.20

Gibb, James. Aged 95. Royal Artillery, British Army. Jun 2013.2

Gow, General Sir Michael Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath (KCB). Aged 88. 3rd Battalion, Scots Guards, British Army. Mar 2013.20

Graham, Major-General John. Aged 89. 2nd Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, British Army. 2012.1

Grater, Bertie William ’Michael’. 79th Armoured Division, British Army. 2003.

Harland, John Henry ‘Jack’, Aged 83. Royal Engineers, British Army. 2008.1

Haworth, Captain Cyril Bernard. Aged 90. 69th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, 49th (West Riding) Division. British Army. Feb 2013.16 (The Press funeral article)1

Heaton, Major Basil Hugh Philipse. Aged 88. 86th (Hertsfordshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, British Army. 2012.20

Hill, Johnny. Aged 91. Royal Army Service Corps, British Army. Mar 2103.2 (obituary 2)2

Hodge, The Reverend Prebendary Vere (Mentioned in Despatches). Aged 94. Forward Observation Officer (FOO),  7th Parachute Battalion, 5th Parachute Brigade, 6th Airborne Division, British Army. Dec 2013.1

Ibbott, Jack. Aged 91. Royal Corps of Signals, British Army. Jan 2013.1

Illing (Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Military Cross & Bar), Brigadier Harry. Aged 90. 2nd Battalion Warwickshire Regiment, British Army. 2011.20

Jones, Major Hugh Price ‘Hugo’. Aged 100.  Bomb Disposal Officer, British Army. 2011.20

Jordan, John. Aged 87. Essex Regiment. British Army. 2012.1

Kendall, Kenneth. Aged 88. Coldstream Guards, British Army. 2012.1

Knight, Colonel Cyril Ensor ‘Bob’. Aged 95. 59th Infantry Division, British Army. Mar 2013.1

Kynaston (Distinguished Service Order, Military Cross), Colonel John Roger. Aged 96. 5th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, British Army. 2011.20

Lambert, Ivan. Aged 87. British Army. 2012.1

Lawrence, Captain Anthony. Aged 101. Royal Artillery, British Army. BBC foreign correspondent. Sept 2013.1

Martin, Harry. Aged 91. 53rd (Welsh) Division, British Army. 2008.1

Meltzer, Samuel Harry. British Army. 2012.1

Millin, Piper William ‘Bill’. Aged 88. 1st Special Service Brigade, British Army. 2010.20

Moodie, George A. 9th Parachute Battalion, 6th Airborne Division, British Army. 2012.1

Morgan, Harry. Aged 87. 5th Battalion Black Watch, 51st Highland Division, British Army 2013.1

Nelson (Distinguished Flying Cross), Flight Lieutenant Donald Kenneth. Aged 91. Pathfinder, No 7 Squadron, Royal Air Force. 2011.20

O’Brien, Captain Albert Peter ‘Mickie’. Aged 89. Commander Y Troop, 47 Royal Marine Commando, British Army. 2010.20

Page (Military Cross), Major-General John Humphrey, Aged 88. Royal Engineers, British Army. 2011.20

Partridge, Lieutenant William John ‘Bill’. Aged 96. 4th Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry, 43rd (Wessex) Division, British Army. Jan 2013.1

Perry (Military Cross), Captain Stephen. Aged 90. 86th (Hertfordshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, British Army. 2011.20

Pile 3(rd Baronet, Military Cross), Colonel Sir Frederick Devereux ‘Freddy’. Aged 93. Tactical Headquarters, Second Army, British Army. 2010.20

Pool (Military Cross), Lieutenant Edward ‘Ted’ Gordon. Aged 90. Commander No 5 Platoon, B Company, 7th Parachute Battalion, 6th Airborne Division, British Army. Jan 2013.2 (obit 2)1

Reinhold, Brigadier Gordon. Aged 94. 130th Infantry Brigade, British Army. 2011.20

Ryan, Private William. Aged 98. Royal Army Medical Corp attached 11th Armoured Division, British Army. Feb 2013.11 (RAMC history)1 (11th Armoured Division Order of Battle)1

Scarr, Major Desmond. Aged 93. 43rd (Wessex) Reconnaissance Regiment, British Army. Jan 2013.1 (Major Scarr’s memoir)1 (WW2TALK Derrycunihy forum page)1 (WW2TALK 43rd Recce forum page)1 (history of Derrycunihy)1

Smith, Trooper Henry James ‘Jim’. Aged 89. C Squadron, Westminster Dragoons, 79th Armoured Division, British Army. April 2103.17 (official history The Westminster Dragoon in North-West Europe June 1944-May 1945 )1 (A Short History of the Westminster Dragoons 1901 – 1987)1 (Westminster Dragoons website 1)1 (Westminster Dragoons website 2)1 (Westminster Dragoons Museum details)1

Taylor (Military Cross), Major David. Aged 92. 1st Battalion Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, British Army.1

Townsend, Major Sam. Aged 94. 4th Field Squadron, Royal Engineers, 7th Armoured Division, British Army. Oct 2013.1

Turrell, Leslie Robert.  3 Troop, 3rd Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers, 3rd  Parachute Brigade, 6th Airborne Division, British Army. 2005

Walker, Sergeant William Thomas ‘Johnnie’, Aged 91. C Company, 9th Parachute Battalion, 6th Airborne Division, British Army. Aug 2013.1

Wallwork, Jim. Aged 93. Glider Pilot Regiment, Army Air Corps, British Army. Jan 2013.4 (additional obituary 2)1 (Telegraph obituary) (article 1)1 (article 2)1 (article 3)1

Watson (Military Cross), Major Jack. Aged 94. 13th Parachute Battalion, 6th Airborne Division. Apr 2011.1

Watts, Colonel John (Military Cross). Aged 96. 195 Airlanding Field Ambulance, 6th Airborne Division, British Army. 2010. 1

Webster, Michael. Aged 92. 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards, British Army. 2012.1

Wheeldon, Captain Arnold. Aged 96. 6 Commando, British Army. 2012.1

Wheeler, Captain Frederick. Aged 96. Somerset Light Infantry, 43rd Wessex Division, British Army. 2011.1

Whitty, Arthur. Aged 97. 9th Parachute Battalion, 6th Airborne Division, British Army. Dec 2013.17 (Article)1

Whytock, Jim. Aged 99. Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, British Army. Jan 2013.2


If you can provide links to any published obituaries for any British Army Normandy Veteran, or their details, please add them to the comments box below.

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4 Responses to “British Army”

  1. Mr John ( Jock ) Craig , Aged 93. British Artilary Force. Died 31/12/2015

  2. Battles fought my brave Sir’s, now its time to rest peacefully in those fields of gold xxx

  3. My father Geoffrey William Goodman, a Gunner in the Royal Artilery and part of the 2nd BEF in June 1940, has died age 94years on 26th September 2015. He passed peacefully attended by his family in his hometown of Sheffield UK . He sustained severe injuries in the retreat to Cherbourg on 17th June 1940, and survived where his 8 companions died, as the truck they were traveling in passed over a land mine placed by the French Resistsnce to defend the withdrawal of British Troops to Cherbourg. He lost his right leg and the use of his left foot, and had serious head and face injuries, but lived to marry and have children and to work for many years at Firth Brown Steelworks in Sheffield. He travelled to Denneville several times in the recent past to remember his fallen comrades, and is remembered by the Commune de Denneville, who forwarded flowers and cards to his family to mark his passing. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him..

  4. Bush, Sergeant George. Aged 92. B Company, 2nd Battalion, The Cheshire Regiment, British Army. June 2014.

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