Royal Marines

Total Normandy Veterans commemorated
on the Royal Marines obituary memorial page:6

Flag of the United Kingdom 200px

Click on the links below for the obituaries of those

who served with the Royal Marines.

Names highlighted in blue or magenta link through to an obituary notice.

Royal Marines Badge 200px

Day, William ‘Bill’ Bernard. Aged 95. 30 Assault Unit, Royal Marines, Royal Navy. 2012.2

Forfar, John. Aged 96. Medical Officer No.47 Royal Marine Commando, Royal Navy. Aug 2013.1

Eagles, Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy. Aged 95. Royal Marines, Royal Navy. Second-in-Command 1st Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery, British Army. Oct 2013.1

Kay, Major-General Pat. Aged 92. No.41 Royal Marine Commando, Royal Navy, No.4 Special Service Brigade. Sep 2013.1

O’Brien, Captain Albert Peter ‘Mickie’. Aged 89. Commander Y Troop, 47 Royal Marines, Royal Navy. 2010.20

Tate (Military Cross), Captain Alan. Aged 87. No.45 Royal Marine Commando, Royal Navy. 2012.1


If you can provide links to any published obituaries for any British Royal Marine Normandy Veteran, or their details, please add them to the comments box below.

Thank you

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