Royal Navy

Total Normandy Veterans commemorated
on the Royal Navy obituary memorial page:8

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Click on the links below for the obituaries of those

who served with the Royal Navy.

Names highlighted in blue or magenta link through to an obituary notice.

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Collier, Captain Harold Malcolm ‘Mac’. Aged 95. HMS Burdock (K 126), escort for 12 Landing Ship Tanks (LSTs) and Fighter-Direction Tender (FDT) 216 to GOLD Beach on D-Day. Royal Navy. Jan 2013.1 (service history)1 (HMS Burdock history)1

Crosley (Distinguished Service Cross & Bar) Mentioned in Despatches, Commander Mike. Aged 90. 886 Naval Air Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, Royal Navy. 2010.20

Davidson, Lieutenant-Commander Bill. Aged 86. Landing Craft Commander, Royal Navy. 2011.20

Duff (Distinguished Service Cross & Bar), Commander Daniel Alexander Wyatt Rawson ‘Dan’. Aged 100. Gunnery Officer, HMS Largs (Headquarters ship for SWORD Beach) Royal Navy. 2012.20

Lawrence, Alan. Aged 89. HM Landing Ship Tank (LST) 199, Royal Navy. Mar 2013.1 (LST 199 photos and history)1

Miliband, Chief Petty Officer Ralph, Aged 70. Royal Navy. May 1994.1 (article 1)1 (article 2)1

Mountain, Peter. Aged 89. Royal Marines, Royal Navy. Jan 013. 1 (additional obituary 2)1 (obituary 3) 1 (biography).1

Wood, Lieutenant Commander Albert Edward ‘Bill’. Aged 88. HMS Verulam R28, Royal Navy. Jan 2013.10 (HMS Verulam History)1


If you can provide links to any published obituaries for any Royal Navy Normandy Veteran, or their details, please add them to the comments box below.

Thank you

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