Canadian Normandy Veterans


Canadian Normandy Veterans commemorated
on this obituary memorial page: 39


Click on the links below for further information about
those who served with the Canadian or Allied forces.

Names highlighted in blue link through to an obituary notice.

Ashton, Eric ‘Teaser’. Aged 91/92. 1st Battalion Regina Rifle Regiment, 7th Brigade, 3rd Canadian Infantry Division, Canadian Army. Mar 2013.1 (obit 2)1 (Regina Rifles unofficial website)1 (Regina Rifles photos)1 (Regina Rifles forum)1

Ball, Captain Walter Harvey, Aged 93. Canadian Army, Aide-de-Camp to General Harry Crerar, General Officer Commanding, 1st Canadian Army in North-West Europe in 1944. Nov 2012.1

Bettridge, Sergeant William ‘Bill’ George. Aged 91. The Queen’s Own Rifles. Canadian Army. 2012.1

Bishop, Flying Officer Arthur Christian William Avery ‘Bish’. Aged 89. Author and Spitfire Pilot, 401 (City of Westmount)Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force. Feb 2013.1 (William Arthur Bishop’s publications) (401 Sqn unit history)1 (401 Sqn in Normandy)1 (401 Sqn Photographs)1 (Arthur C.W.A. Bishop biography)1

Blondin, Ralph Ernest. Aged 93. Gunner, HMCS Prince Henry (F70), Royal Canadian Navy. Apr 2013.1 (Photos and history HMCS Prince Henry)1 (additional Info HMCS Prince Henry)1

Carriere, Gerald R. Aged 88. Canadian Army. Jun 2013.1

Carter Sr., Robert Earl. Aged 94. 2nd Canadian Corps, Canadian Army. 2012.1

Chadderton, Major Cliff. Aged 94. Royal Winnipeg Rifles, Canadian Army. Nov 2013.1

Chambers, Hudson. Aged 88, Essex Scottish Regiment, Canadian Army. Nov 2012.1

Conlon, Major Cleve W. Age unknown. 21st Armoured Regiment (The Governor General’s Foot Guards), 4th Canadian Armoured Brigade, 4th Canadian Armoured Division, Canadian Army. April 2013.1 (21st Armoured Regiment info)1 (Governor General’s Foot Guards info)1 (4th Canadian Armoured Division info)1

Courvette, Oscar Douglas. Aged 93. Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (Machine Gun), Canadian Army. Mar 2013.1 (unit history on D-Day)1 (unit history)1 (Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa Foundation)1 (unit badge information)1 (a few words and a photo from Oscar Courvette’s son)1

Crowchild, Harold ‘Iron Shield’ Didili Minis Gonii. Aged 97, 4th Canadian Armoured Division. Canadian Army. Jan 2013. (additional obituary 2, obituary 3, additional photographs)1

de Vries, Jan. Aged 88. 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, Canadian Army. 2012.2

Edmondson, Lieutenant Colonel John Seed. Aged 93. South Saskatchewan Regiment, Canadian Army. Jan 2013.1 (obit 2)1 (South Saskatchewan Regiment history)1

Flaaten, Norvald S. L. Age unknown. Queens Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada, Canadian Army. Nov 2012.1

Keating, Harold Joseph. Aged 94. Royal Canadian Corps of Signals attached to North Nova Scotia Highlanders, Canadian Army. Jan 2013.1

Holmes, Sergeant Lawrence ‘Lawrie’ Stewart. Aged 88. Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, Canadian Army. Mar 2013.2

Kew, Vernon Gerrard. Aged 89. Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, Canadian Army. Jan 2013.1

Klarer, Allen. Aged 88. The Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment of Canada. Canadian Army. Jan 2013.1

Lorimer, James ‘Jim’ Gibson. Aged 89. Canadian Scottish Regiment, Canadian Army. Oct 2012.1 (his brother George also served and was killed in Normandy)1

Lynch, Bud. Aged 95. Essex Scottish Regiment, Canadain Army. 2012.1

MacDonald, Able Seaman G. Bruce. Aged 86. HMCS Gatineau, Royal Canadian Naval Reserve, Royal Canadian Navy. 2012.1

Maciver (MB ChB The University of Edinburgh, OMM, OStJ, CD, FRCS). Surgeon Commodore Donald Angus. Aged 93. HMS Largs Royal Canadian Navy. Oct 2013.1

MacLeod, Harvey Donald. Aged 90. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada, Canadian Army. 2012.2 (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada official website)1 (The Regimental Foundation)1 (Regimental history)1(RWWII regimental history)1

Matulis, Stanley. Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment), Canadian Army. Jun 2013.1 (Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment website)1

Mitchell MBE, John ‘Jack’ Franklin. Aged 98. 3rd Canadian Anti-tank Battery, Canadian Army. 2012.2

Morrison, Frank. Aged 91. Canadian Army. Jun 2013.1

Norsworthy DFC, Squadron Leader Hugh Hoyles. Aged 91/92. 439 (Typhoon) Squadron 439, Royal Canadian Air Force. Jan 2013. 1 (obit 2)1 (439 Squadron unit history)1 (DFC details)1

O’Connor Jr., Albert Victor ‘Al’. Aged 89. Royal Canadian Navy. June 2013.1

Patterson, Brian Walter. Aged 92. Royal Canadian Air Force. May 2013.1

Renaud, Paul Emile. Aged 93. Electrical Specialist, 143 Royal Canadian Air Force Wing (Typhoon fighter-bombers), No.83 (Composite) Group, 2nd Tactical Air Force, Royal Air Force. May 2013.1 (history of 143 RCAF Wing)1

Richards, Charles Melville. Aged 98. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise’s), Canadian Infantry Corps,  Canadian Army. Mar 2013.1 (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada official website)1 (The Regimental Foundation)1 (Regimental history)1(RWWII regimental history)1

Sutherland, Roy Arthur. Aged 91. First Hussars, Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, Canadian Army. Oct 2013.1

Tessier, Trevor Rogerson. Aged 93. Canloan Officer 103, Gordon Highlanders. British Army. 2012.1

Thompson, Watson H. Aged 98. 4th Hussars, Canadian Army. 2012.1

Toews, Hugo H. Aged 89. Canadian Army. Jan 2013.1

Wallgren, Knute Reinhold. Aged 94. Wireless Operator, Canadian Army. May 2013.1

Wates, Norman. Aged 91. Algonquin Regiment, Canadian Army. Aug 2013.1

Wells, William Earl. Aged 94. Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, Canadian Army. Jan 2013.1

Wong, Frank. Aged 94. Royal Canadian Ordinance Corps, Canadian Army. Sept 2013.1 (video interview with Frank Wong)1 (Frank Wong interview and article)1 (Chinese-Canadian article)1


If you can provide links to any published obituaries for any Canadian Normandy Veteran, or their details, please add to the comments box below.

Thank you

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